How to Heat Your Swimming Pool for Free

Do you want to enjoy your pool for longer, but don’t want to break the bank by investing in equipment that will stretch your budget? From the use of bubble cover, black pipes, and solar energy, here are tips for free or low-cost pool heating.

5 Tips for Heating Your Swimming Pool for Free or at a Lower Cost
Below are some of the most economical ways to heating the pool during the winter season.
1. Install a bubble cover or solar cover to heat your pool for free
The bubble cover offers many advantages. It allows, for example, to preserve water from surrounding pollution and external dirt. But if anything is of interest to us here, it is above all because it prevents heat loss and thus allows the water temperature to be maintained.
It even allows the water to be heated by a few degrees when the weather is sunny. Depending on its coating, it will indeed absorb the sun’s energy and transfer it to the water. In addition, the bubble cover allows you to reduce the evaporation of water. So, there would be less need to refill the pool with water now and then. This is a very ecological and economical swimming pool heating solution. It is not expensive to buy and costs you nothing afterwards.
2. Heat your swimming pool for free by utilizing the power in solar heated pipes
Have you ever noticed that the water that comes out of a garden hose left in direct sunlight is hot? Why not use this water to heat your pool water economically and ecologically?
To do this, you just need to use heat-conducting pipes (PVC, copper, black pipes, or polyethylene) and connect them to a simple swimming pool pump to create a closed circuit. Placed in the sun, the pipes will capture the sun’s rays, and heat at the same time, the water that passes through them. This pool heating trick allows you to save a few degrees. It’s not sufficient you would say but when combined with a bubble cover or other solutions below, you’d see considerable result.
3. Use solar heating as an economical pool heater
In the same idea, to heat the water in the pool with the heat of the sun, you can leverage the power of the sun. The downside here is that you have to invest in this equipment to acquire a solar pool heater. However, afterwards, solar heating costs you nothing since it uses the heat of the sun.
4. Install a solar heating mat
Between the pipes and the solar heating previously mentioned, there is another economical swimming pool heating option: the solar heating mat. This type of mat is available between $30 and $50 approximately. Inexpensive to buy, it costs nothing to use since, again, it is the solar energy that is captured to heat the water in the pool.
The solar heating mat is connected to the filtration system of the swimming pool. Thus, by following the circuit, the water passes through the pipes of the carpet and gains a few degrees before being discharged into the basin. Small in size, however, the solar heating mat is better suited to above-ground or small pools.
5. Use sun rings
The solar rings, or solar sun rings, are used to heat the pool for free since they use solar energy as the bubble cover. The solar rings are placed on the water. They are composed of layers of vinyl and are UV resistant, converting solar energy into economical pool heating.

How do solar pool heaters work?
In short, the principle is simple; the pump circulates the cold water from the swimming pool which heats up on contact with the sensors and returns to the swimming pool. As you can see, the pool water is heated by solar energy.
When to start heating your pool?
Yes, it is possible to heat the pool from the first sunny days (late April-early May) and extend swimming until October. The ideal temperature for a swimming pool is usually around 28 ° C. So, when you measure the pool temperature and it’s getting below 20 degrees, then it’s time to look at heating solutions.
What is the power to heat a swimming pool?
It takes about 1 kW to increase the temperature of one cubic meter of water by one degree in one hour. Thus, to raise the water in a 40 m³ swimming pool at 3 ° C for 12 hours at night, 40 x 3/12 = 10 kW minimum.
You Can Heat Your Pool for Free… or Almost!
At the start of winter, when many pool owners are thinking of packing or winterizing their pools, you can keep it running without freezing the whole place up. Heating the swimming pool is not only possible with heat pumps. You can leverage the power of solar energy.

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