How to hide your WhatsApp profile picture and why you should

How to hide your WhatsApp profile picture and why you should

The security and privacy of WhatsApp are two aspects that do not convince its users. That is why, at Techloging, we are proposing that you hide your WhatsApp photo. And we will tell you why it is such a good idea.

WhatsApp is the messaging app for more than 2 billion people around the world and, although other applications are on its heels, they do not quite reach those figures.

Despite this heavy database, WhatsApp is part of Facebook, and trust in that company is at a low level since the Cambridge Analytic scandal came to light. That event jeopardized Facebook’s security, as the analytics consulting company illegally collected data from more than 87 million Facebook users.

It should be said, as a recommendation, that when we read that a company, service or application that we use has been hacked, even if it has not affected us, we must change the passwords. Just in case…

The issue of privacy and data collection made us wonder which messaging app would be the best. To no one’s surprise, Signal won the battle, Telegram stayed halfway, and WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger collected so much data that, on any day, they can come to us to celebrate a user’s birthday in person.

Continuing with WhatsApp, hiding our profile photo helps us to establish conversations with people we do not know.

The app gives us the opportunity to choose who we want to see our photo and with these simple steps, you will be able to hide it. Also, at the end, we will explain how to hide the photo from a single contact:

How to hide your WhatsApp profile picture

1. First, open WhatsApp and click on the 3 vertical dots that appear in the upper right corner.

2. Now select “Settings”.

3. In the new screen, enter “Account” and then “Privacy” .

4. Next, look for the option “Profile picture” and select who we want to see it, if everyone, our contacts or we hide it from everyone.

What is promised is a debt. Now that we know how to hide our WhatsApp profile photo so that no one sees it or let our contacts see it, we are going to explain a simple trick to hide our profile photo from a contact.

When storing the number in the phonebook, put # 31 # in front of the number. It is the same trick used to call in stealth. With this simple step, people can write you messages, even call you on WhatsApp, but they will not see your profile picture.

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