New electric BMW M set for launch

In 2021, we will have an electric BMW

The new electric BMW M will arrive earlier than we expected and everything points to it meeting expectations.

An electric BMW M will arrive this year 2021. This has been confirmed by BMW itself, which within its plans for 2021 plans to launch an electric from BMW M GmbH, being the first time they have launched a car of these characteristics. The sports division itself assured that it would take time to launch a 100% electric car, a time that seems to have been shorter than what we fans expected.

“During 2021, BMW M GmbH will present an electric high-performance car for the first time .” In this way, through a press release, it was confirmed that BMW M will launch an electric car this year. What we are not assured will be the model, nor whether it will be a version similar to the M140i and others, previously known as M Performance, or it will be a “pure” M like the traditional M3 or M5.

The latest rumors suggest that the first electric BMW “touched” by M will be the i4, the brand’s premiere for the electric saloon segment. It will be a major launch for the brand, a model that could be used to launch a variant with the M stamp. This i4 will rival the famous segment of electric sedans, such as the Tesla Model 3.

The Bavarian brand will launch its BMW i4 very soon and will arrive with about 500 horsepower. It will mount two electric motors, one per axle, and will be able to declare about 500 kilometers of autonomy in zero-emissions mode. It will have technology from the BMW iX, being more dynamic than this electric one.

We expect different novelties from BMW M next year. In 2022 it will be 50 years since the sports division began to fill us with passion. Markus Flasch has confirmed that it will be a year full of surprises, making it clear with these words: “If I mention the keywords ‘special edition models’, it should be clear what our customers can expect during the anniversary year. We will present a completely new manifestation of M’s signature sentiment.”

From here we can only ask that this barrage of launches not bring us more than one electric, please.

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