Xiaomi to release 200 W fast charge smartphone

Xiaomi ready to forever revolutionize the way you charge your mobile

Xiaomi could be the first company to offer a smartphone with 200 W fast charging, and it would be on the way.

Xiaomi has always been characterized as a company that advances quite quickly technologically, offering the latest avant-garde at quite moderate prices, and that has made it easier for the Android ecosystem to become even more popular, especially among the younger audience.

And is that although a few years ago it was Samsung that debuted most of the technologies in the market, Xiaomi has gained a lot of ground, and it seems that they could be responsible for launching the first smartphone with 200 W fast charging, as reported from China.

The Chinese filter Digital Chat Station has pointed out in a publication on Weibo that a 200 W flagship device will be launched very soon. Although it has not expressly named the brand, from Gizmochina they are convinced, according to information they have handled in recent times, that Xiaomi will be responsible for such progress.

Although a couple of years ago the devices began to offer a fast charging speed of around 30 W, practically two years later they are touching 200 W. As can be read in the leak, these fast charging capacities of 200 W include wired, wireless and reverse charging.

However, if we take a look at the latest Xiaomi launches, we note that the Mi 10 commemorative edition offers up to 120 W fast charging, along with 55 W wireless charging and up to 10 W reverse charging. A breakthrough that seems to herald the arrival of 200W fast charging in the short term.

At the moment no more details are known about this supposed Xiaomi device, but since it is a star terminal, it would only be seen in a large launch of the company in the coming months.

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