Zoom is not just for work and will have new face filters

Zoom is not just for work and will have new face filters

They want Zoom to be more widely used outside of work settings and the app will have new filters and effects that are easy to configure.

If there is an application that has triumphed during the pandemic year that we have been, this is Zoom. From being known to a few, it has gone on to reach all audiences and today it is one of the favorite options when you want to make video calls. During this time we have seen how they made different changes and the last one is being one that seeks to give a more casual tone to virtual encounters.

Filters are not something strange in social networks and video calls. From those used to change the funds and not see what the dwelling of the participants is like, to which they add funny objects or effects to their faces. Now a Studio Effects feature is coming to Zoom with this latest lens.

That Zoom was sold as a business application at first was a good idea because the versatility it offered was especially suitable for business meetings. But the pandemic made groups of friends and families also use it in a majority way, so it has been adapting to this circumstance.

The Studio Effects function has a purpose that we already know from other applications: to change the appearance of people through different colored eyebrows, putting facial hair, with another lip color … Something little new, but surely it was more than necessary in the app, so much so that it was announced in September 2020, according to The Verge.

At the moment it is only in Beta mode for some users. If you want to test if you have it available, you must go to Video Settings and click on Backgrounds and filters. The options available should include Studio Effects (Beta), in case the feature has been downloaded to you.

From here you can play with the appearance you want to have and in principle, it seems that more effects of all kinds will be added, from other hairstyles to the possibility of including objects or having an even more bizarre appearance.

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In any case, when it is available to all users, it is certain that this function is widely used, at least in more casual environments, because surely in the workplace they will prefer that Zoom further develop its security and privacy measures to optimize the tool in terms of possible.

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