5 tricks to lose weight and belly fat backed by science

Tricks to lose belly fat and lose weight backed by science

The fat that accumulates in the belly is quite difficult to eliminate. If you’d like to lose that annoying belly fat but can’t, check out these simple science-backed tricks.

When we gain weight, fat does not accumulate equally throughout the body. Depending on the complexion and body type, there are areas with more deposits of adipose tissue in which we find a greater amount of localized fat.

The belly is one of the areas most prone to accumulate these localized deposits, and for this reason, many people would like to know how to lose abdominal fat and lose weight.

And it is not just a cosmetic issue: scientific studies suggest that the accumulation of adipose tissue in this area is related to heart disease and type 2 diabetes.

If you would like to reduce belly fat to look good and improve your health, read on because we are going to show you some science-backed tricks to get there.

Avoid sugar in foods and drinks

Scientific evidence reveals that consuming too much sugar can lead to fat accumulation around the abdomen and liver, leading to insulin resistance and metabolic problems.

Eat more protein

Adding more protein to your diet helps you reduce hunger and cravings, and it also stimulates your metabolism. Therefore, increasing the amount of this macronutrient helps you lose weight and lose belly fat.

Reduce your carbohydrate intake

Scientific studies support that eating fewer carbohydrates is an effective way to lose weight and lose fat, especially fat that accumulates in the belly, around the organs, and in the liver.

Eat more fiber

Foods rich in fiber are very satisfying and help reduce hunger to lose weight. Additionally, there is evidence that soluble dietary fiber can reduce belly fat.

Play sports regularly

Exercising is often essential to lead a healthy life. Weight training and cardiovascular exercise will help you reduce fat throughout the body, and aerobic exercise such as walking, running and swimming is indicated to lower localized fat in the abdomen.

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