Chrome for Android now loads faster, performs better

Chrome for Android now loads faster, performs better, and consumes less memory

Thanks to the latest update, Chrome for Android has improved in different ways. Google’s mobile browser now loads faster, has optimized performance, and consumes less memory, among other interesting new features.

The latest update of Chrome for Android, version M89, presents the most interesting news. In addition to improving performance, it has also added new features and functions that allow it to be faster and consume less memory.

As Google explains in a post on the Chromium blog, the company is very committed to offering a browser for mobile devices that performs well, is secure, and offers an ever-expanding range of features and functionality.

In the new version, the Big G has implemented some optimizations related to compilation, packaging, and runtime that are a major boost for Chrome on Android. These developments have brought about a 5% improvement in memory usage, 7.5% faster startup times, and 2% faster page loading.

Also, users who have next-generation mobiles with Android 10 and 8 GB of RAM or more, will be able to enjoy a 64-bit Chrome for Android, which stands out for being more stable, up to 8.5% faster, and 28% faster. more fluid.

Another feature that stands out in Chrome M89 is its ability to start up faster. Thanks to the new Freeze-Dried Tabs feature, the browser can start up 13% faster.

This is possible because Chrome now stores a lightweight version of the tabs that supports scrolling, zooming, and clicking on links. The first thing the browser shows when it opens is this light version, while the real tab loads in the background. In this video you can see how this function speeds up startup:

So far come the news that optimizes the operation of Chrome for Android, but from Google, they assure that there are still many more improvements to come in the next.

The company notes that in this update they have focused on delving into the core of Chrome, but that this year several updates are scheduled aimed at improving the performance of the browser. Therefore, we are waiting to see how Chrome evolves throughout 2021.

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