18 ways to use salt for house cleaning and skincare

18 ways to use salt for house cleaning and skincare



The kitchen, the bathroom, the clothes, the glasses, the pans … practically everything you have at home can be cleaned with salt and with a little extra help.



Salt is so effective because it absorbs water (that helps remove stains), it is abrasive so you can scrub it off, and when mixed with acid, it is a powerful cleaner.



Here is a review of everything you can clean at home with salt and with equally common ingredients such as lemon or water.



1. Clean countertops



To clean the countertop, put salt on it. Next, cut a lemon in half and use the exposed side to rub over the area. Let the salt and lemon rest overnight and the next morning just clean it with a cloth and hot water.




Absorbs food stains

If the tablecloth is stained with ketchup, or you have soup remains on your shirt, rub the stain with salt so that it absorbs it. Then put the object in question to wash.

3.Mitigate accidents with wine

>If the wine glass just fell on the tablecloth, cover the stain with a napkin/kitchen paper and add sparkling water. Then add a lot of salt to the area until the entire stain is covered and nothing is visible from it. Throw away the excess salt and wash the tablecloth or material in a normal way. The stain will be history.

4. Clean sweat stains from white t-shirts
Garmin Forerunner 235Garmin Forerunner 235
Add 4 tablespoons of salt to a liter of hot water. When the salt dissolves, take a sponge or cloth, wet it, and use it to remove stains. When done, rinse the garment and let it dry.

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5. Clean the fridge
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Salt with carbonated water on the door and inside of your fridge before defrosting or washing it so that it is well clean and without bad odors.

6. Deodorize footwear
Shoes in suitcase Shoes in suitcase
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Take a tissue and fill it with salt and baking soda. Leave it in your shoes overnight and you will see the smell disappear.

7. Clean the pans
fat pans fat pans
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If you have pieces of food left in the pan, heat it for a few minutes in the oven and add vegetable oil. Now cover the surface of the pan with salt and use kitchen paper to clean it. If the stains persist, use a ball of aluminum foil. Add droplets of oil if you see it necessary.

8. Prevents food from embedding in pans
Pack of 3 Tefal pansPack of 3 Tefal pans
A trick that will save you from applying the advice above. Rub a little salt in the pan before cooking and you will see how little or nothing is encrusted.

9. Clean the drain
A plumber fixes the drain pipes of a sinkA plumber fixes the drain pipes of a sink
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Pour a combination of salt and hot water down the drain to deodorize and prevent grease from building up.

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10. Keep ants at bay
Ants at home.Ants at home.
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To avoid unwanted tenants, put salt in your driveway, on ledges and windows, and under doors.

11. Leave the bathtub as new
Woman washing with a bath sponge.Woman washing herself with a bath sponge.
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As you have already seen in other tricks, the citric acid of the fruits together with the salt is a great combination to clean and also kill bacteria. Wash your bathroom with kosher salt (pure salt, no additives), then cut a lemon, a grapefruit … and use half the basket to finish cleaning. Rinse to finish.

12. Clean stained coffee cups
Coffee overflowing from cupCoffee overflowing from cup
Put a little salt in lemon peel and use the skin to wash that stain that does not come out of the coffee cup even with a thousand washes.

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13. Extend the life of your sponges
Whether they are for the bathroom or the kitchen, after using the sponges, soak them for a while with a little water and salt.

14. Avoid mold on shower curtains
Bathroom curtainsBathroom curtains
Fill a bucket with 3-4 liters of water and add half a glass of salt. Let the curtains soak for an hour. Then hang them up and let them dry. Repeat this once a month to prevent mold.

15. Keep the flowers fresh for longer
Flowers in a glassFlowers in a glass
Just add a pinch of salt to the water in the vase or pot to keep the flowers splendid.

16. Clean the most inaccessible places in your jugs and containers
Curious jugCurious jug
There are jugs that, due to their design, are difficult to wash thoroughly. Combine hot water with a quarter glass of coarse salt and pour it inside along with a little white vinegar. Cover the opening of the container and shake so that the combination reaches the most corner spots. Rinse and pat dry when done.

17. Relieves a sore throat
Man with a sore throat.Man with a sore throat.
Your throat isn’t exactly a part of your home, but this tip will suit you: fill a glass of water, add a pinch of salt, and stir until it dissolves. Gargle, but don’t swallow; spits out. Repeat as many times as necessary.

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18. Exfoliate your skin
Woman in bathroom, skincare, dark circlesWoman in bathroom, skincare, dark circles
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Another tip to wash your body with salt to top it off. Rubbing it in with sea salt will keep dead skin at bay. Don’t do it daily for that. Only from time to time.








Salt is normally relegated to culinary matters. But many times you forget that salt is perfect for removing stains, preventing mold, deodorizing shoes.

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