9 tech industries to invest in today

Top industries to invest in today

Despite the pandemic, we have not stoped advancing in technology to make this world better. It cannot be overlooked that our way of doing business, working, socializing, transporting ourselves, eating, having fun, or living in general has already changed, especially this last year due to the global pandemic.

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Within these changes, new trends, activities, and businesses have emerged, which have been adapting to our society with extraordinary growth, and have become very interesting investment options for modern investors who already have the future in their sights. In addition, many of these businesses are already listed on the stock market.

In this article, we will share what we think are the 9 best tech industries to invest in today, in 2021, which should be good investments for this entire decade. These are industries which we at Techloging really believe that you should have some kind of partipation in and they have a lot of room to grow. Next to that, we will show you companies or stocks to invest in each one of them. 

1. Renewable energy

There is no doubt that the world is increasingly eco-friendly, constantly looking for ways where we can continue to evolve as a human race, without polluting or damaging the planet where we live. With all the events such as global warming, endangered species, disappearance of glaciers and green areas, the human being seems to be a virus in the world, but happily there are people who are working hard so that it is not necessarily so.

One of these industries is renewable energy, which seeks to replace electricity sources such as nuclear plants, coal and gas, and switch them to more natural, inexhaustible and less polluting sources such as wind energy (wind), solar energy (sun), hydraulic energy (rivers), among others. The great advantage of this industry is that, despite the great ecological contribution by avoiding gas emissions and imports of fossil fuels, they are drastically reducing their costs by being an increasingly competitive industry, offering not only a more eco-friendly way, but also cheaper. From traditional companies to bitcoin miners, everyone needs a cheaper and greener way to generate power.

So if you want to jump on the renewable energy train, remember that you would not only be investing in benefiting your pocket in a profitable investment in the future, but you would also be helping to take care of the planet and the environment. Some companies where to invest in the stock market within this area are the following:

Plugpower (PLUG)
Enphase (ENPH)
First Solar (FSLR)
Canadian Solar (CSIQ)
Tesla (TSLA)
Sunpower (SPWR)
Brookflied Renewable Corp (BEPC)
NextEra Energy (NEE)
Orsted (ORSTED)
Jinko Solar (JKS)
Renewable Energy Group ( REGI)

2. Electric cars

Another sector that has been growing strongly, also in the eco-friendly, are electric cars. In 2020 alone, according to Business Today, the sale of electric cars grew by 39% while the sale of traditional cars fell by 14%, and this is expected to continue. In addition, according to Bloomberg magazine , it is expected that by 2040 the sale of electric cars will be 35% of total sales.

This incentive was started by companies like Tesla in the United States and Nio in China, but today it has forced many traditional big brands to start making electric cars to stay alive in this changing market. Within them you will see companies such as Audi, Toyota, BMV, Ford, Volkswagen, among others. In addition, the industry has created several related businesses such as lithium batteries, semiconductors, among others.

If you want to enter this interesting field, it is worth indicating that the market was already ahead of this, and you will see many companies in the field trading high in the market. In other words, you may have lost aggressive growth. However, it does not take away from the fact that the industry will continue to grow for years to come, and if you are vigilant, good companies may appear at good entry prices in the future. Some actions to invest in the stock market within this area are:

Tesla (TSLA)
Nio (NIO)
Aptiv (APTV)
Cree (CREE)
Analog Devices (ADI)
Livent (LTHM)
Albermale (ALB)

3. Gig Economy

The world has become globalized and digitized, and with that, it is no longer necessary to have full-time jobs from 9am to 6pm. Now, you can earn income in much easier ways just by having something left over. Things like an unused car, a motorcycle for delivery, a room that you don’t use, a skill that you want to exploit as a freelancer, a knowledge that you want to teach, something that you want to sell, among many other things.

This has completely revolutionized the way we work, and with that many digital portals have come out that unite those people who want to provide that product or service together with a market interested in what you want to offer. It is definitely a new economy that will simply tend to grow over time, especially with the last momentum that there was thanks to the coronavirus pandemic in all of 2020.

As the demand for people who prefer to work from home and manage their time instead of a fixed-hour job increases, or the demand for people who want to supplement their income with additional work, this trend should continue to grow without a doubt. Some actions to invest in the stock market in this area are the following:

Fiverr International (FVRR)
Upwork (UPWK)
Delivery hero (DHER) Doordash
Uber (UBER)
Lyft (LYFT)
Airbnb (ANBN)
Wix.com (WIX)
Mercado Libre (MELI)
Etsy (ETSY)

4. Digital wallets

If you still carry a wallet full of bills on the street today, you are basically living in the past, not only that, but it is very risky in today’s world. Since the creation of credit and debit cards and digital payment gateways are accepted in almost all places, from the corner warehouse to the ice cream parlor, it no longer makes any sense to carry cash. in hand. If this reality has not yet reached you, it is only a matter of time, and thanks to this, the need for digital wallets arrives.

But it is not only there, there is also a need to see where you can put your savings so that they grow, what payment gateway you use for your business, what actions you can invest in, what cryptocurrencies you can “trade”, a platform where you can share expenses, among many more needs. Now, imagine doing all that from the same place, without having to leave that application or platform. That is to say, that your bank, your savings account, your stock broker, your cryptocurrency exchange, your fixed-term deposit, your loans, your transfers, all that and more, find everything in a single digital wallet.

Do you think it is impossible? Well, it already exists in several countries, such as China and the United States, and all competing to be the world leader. Some with more functions than others, but still, several aiming at the same goal. You can see the growth of this industry here , and it is projected to continue growing at 13% annually. You can see some companies where to invest in the field here:

Paypal (PYPL)
Square (SQ)
Coinbase (COIN)
Apple Pay (AAPL)
Google Pay (GOOG)
Tencent (TCEHY)

5. Online dating

The classic presentation in person through mutual friends or a spontaneous romantic encounter in the street with your future better half, are outdated. This is due to the technology and the simplicity of being able to find a person online, with a simple click or a swipe to the right.

Even so you only want a fleeting meeting with someone to hang out or find the love of your life with whom to spend the rest of your days, there are several platforms that allow you to do so. And its growth is logical, so that you focus on just a close circle to meet people when with technology and globalization you have the whole world at your disposal. And with an increasingly globalized world, more accessible travel and remote jobs on the rise, online dating is a trend that should grow more and more.

Although it is debatable whether this is good for society or not, something you cannot deny is its constant growth. According to Statista , sales in the sector should grow almost 10% annually in the next 4 years. You can see some companies where to invest in the field here:

Match Group (MTCH)
Bumble (BMBL)
Momo (MOMO)
Spark Networks (LOV)

6. Cloud services

In the information age we live in, data is everything, and along with that, where you store it is very important. Whether it is your personal photo album, your favorite video collection, your company files, personal documents, or any file you can imagine, archiving it physically no longer makes much sense, both for a matter of order, simplicity and care. enviroment.

Why fill a room with thousands of papers, documents, and photo albums when you can have everything archived digitally? And today, these files take up so much space that it is no longer enough to save them on your computer, which makes it slower and also with a high risk of loss. Now it is necessary to save them in a magical space called “the cloud”, where it is safe, always accessible, and available to you and the people you want to give access to.

And it goes without saying on the business side, they need storage, servers, and security services for their web pages, applications, e-commerce portal and all forms of digital business, which is the main way of doing business in this decade. . Many new companies have emerged that have jumped into this area, and there are also established companies that entered this area simply because they were not left behind. You can see some actions to invest in here:

Dropbox (DBX)
Docusign (DOCU)
Apple (AAPL)
Microsoft (MSFT)
Google (GOOG)
Amazon (AMZN)
Snowflake (SNOW)
Datadog (DDOG)
Salesforce (CRM)
Workday (WDAY)

7. Gaming / E-sports

Do you remember when you were a kid and they told you to stop playing so many video games, since that will not get you anywhere? Well now any parent who says that is so wrong, it has changed the game, literally. The truth is that you can have a very lucrative career as a professional gamer, that’s right, PROFESSIONAL! The video game industry has taken a spectacular leap, not only due to its technological advances and user demand, but also driven by e-sports.

By e-sports I mean the fact that playing video games is now considered just another sport, like soccer, basketball, and all the classic sports you know. They have competitions that fill stadiums or arenas with thousands of people, they have highly paid athletes, coaches, millions of dollars in prizes, sponsorships, influencers, streaming channels and thousands of brands and companies taking advantage of this great exponential growth.

Now you can play video games not only from a console like the old days, but from a PC or your cell phone, and in all three types it is growing rapidly, especially driven by the covid pandemic throughout 2020. You can see some of the best companies to invest in the field here:

Corsair (CRSR)
Sony (SONY)
Activision Blizzard (ATVI)
Electronic Arts (EA)
Nintendo (NTDOY)
Capcom (CCOEY)
DouYu (DOYU)
Gamestop (GME)
Score media and Gaming (SCR)
Turtle Beach (HEAR)

8. Edtech / E-learning

The way we learn new things has also completely changed. The educational monopoly by traditional colleges and universities is now behind, now thanks to the internet, any expert can give classes on a particular subject that they master. Personally, I would dare to say that this e-learning industry represents a great threat to traditional education.

And it makes all the sense in the world, if what you want is just education (not so much socializing, making contacts, or being on a nice campus), you can find a wide variety of classes online and you have thousands of teachers, bloggers, influencers who they can teach. With just a google search, you can find your favorite professor and learn easily and without so much complexity or paperwork that a university or higher education institution can ask you to do.

Personally, I feel that I have learned much more with good online courses than in one of these institutions, therefore, it could be said that I myself have verified the veracity of this fact. However, not everyone thinks the same and not in all cases it is a company that threatens traditional education, but there are also some companies where edtech and e-learning support traditional educational institutions working together with them. , giving better solutions to the student. Finally, you also have companies that grew thanks to the pandemic, that had to replace the traditional classroom with the best digital platform for video conferencing, which led to the emergence of many independent teachers with students around the world.

Coursera (COUR)
Chegg (CHGG)
Stride (LRN)
Zoom (ZM)
Microsoft (MSFT)
Google (GOOG)

9. DeFI

The financial world changed, making it more accessible and affordable for many, and this is through DeFi. DeFi is short for “decentralized finance,” that is, decentralized finance. They are basically financial systems that have emerged thanks to blockchain technology that do not depend on institutions such as central banks or governments to control and regulate them, if they do not depend on several people around the world who participate in the approval of the transaction and issuance of the certificate. currency itself. It is basically all the financial products that you already know such as fixed-term deposits and loans with interest, but instead of doing it with traditional banks and brokers, you do it in a 100% digital world called blockchain.

This can be done through dapps (decentralized applications) that run through technology such as smart contracts, one of the best known for example is the ethereum network. However, there are many more financial products that you can find, such as yield farming, staking, pooling and others that offer you high rates of return and at a very low price or commission compared to traditional banks, simply by having your money there. To access these financial products directly, it is necessary to do so with a cryptocurrency, however you can also participate indirectly by investing in an ETF or shares of a company linked to the item.

DeFi in general is riskier too, as it is not regularized by the government or a central bank, there are no guarantees and it continues to depend on very young startups which may fail along the way, or whose programmers’ errors in the codes do. an easy target for hackers, so your money may not be as safe. However, these are classic problems in a growing industry, but due to the pace that has been growing, there is no doubt that it will increasingly establish itself as a new way of generating income, increasingly accepted in the world. Here I share not only companies that are listed on the stock market, but also cryptocurrencies and ETFs in which you can invest in this area:

Ethereum (ETH)
Bitcoin (BTC)
Uniswap (UNI)
Aave (AAVE)
Synthetix (SNX)
Yearn Finance (YFI)
OmiseGo (OMG)
Coinbase (COIN)
Bitwise Asset management DeFi crypto index fund (BITW)
GreyScale Bitcoin Trust ETF (GBTC)
Greyscale Ethereum Trust ETF (ETHE)


These are the 9 industries where to invest in the stock market today, in mid-2021, and some of the best or best-known companies to invest within each category mentioned. Sure there may be more industries such as artificial intelligence, robotics or space travel, however, we have tried to keep in the areas that we have been following personally and understand. I hope it will at least help you to get a little more up to date with all the industries that are growing in the world and what investment opportunities are emerging along with them.

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