Why technology will be your best ally in 2022

Technologies such as the Internet and mobile devices are now fully integrated into our societies. They blur the line between work and home because employees can easily work from home and are almost always connected to work. Very often, they even expect to have the same technology in their workplace as in their private life. The employer must then comply with what is sometimes referred to as “technology consumerization”.

In addition, waves of technological change are rapidly following one another in Big Data, Internet of Objects (IoT), data analysis, machine learning, or artificial intelligence … all these innovations have an impact on our work and on the way we work. The main factor of production for many organizations is becoming a combination of information, data analysis, and intelligence.

Just imagine the opportunities offered by the proliferation of robots in the world of work. These are not only physical robots but also intelligent software that uses sensors to monitor the environment and make autonomous decisions. These developments will allow the automation of simple and standard tasks and will make certain types of work obsolete in the near future. It can also involve, for example, hazardous work such as inspections at very great heights, which could ultimately be carried out by robots or drones.

Technology as an ally and a source of information

Technology is becoming a powerful ally and a source of information. It allows you to make better decisions, make forecasts, innovate and optimize constantly, for more efficient activities.

Technology is getting more and more important and it will offer endless opportunities. The current pace of innovation is extremely high and technology and software are less and less complex and more and more accessible. To better meet individual needs, ease of use and customization are constantly improving and becoming the norm for businesses.

The Internet of Things which is being set up makes it necessary to integrate basic systems such as ERP and IWMS (Integrated Workplace Management System) to take advantage of new technologies in all their diversity. Not only to be able to process large volumes of “Big Data”, but also to interpret this data and allow harmonization with individual needs. The deployment of sensors, for example, will allow the measurement of temperatures in the workplace. From then on, employees will be able to choose their workstation according to the temperature they want.

Thus, software and technology will be able to better meet the needs of each individual. Far from being frightening, this development should be welcomed with open arms. Technology will be your best friend. It is therefore important that REM and FM professionals quickly familiarize themselves with this ally.

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