12 SaaS Tools at the Heart of Digital Transformation

12 SaaS Tools At The Service Of Digital Transformation

Transforming organizations today involves two main areas: the digitization of products and professions as well as change management. The first stage is considered the basis of all transformation essential for survival, and the second often takes a back seat. However, the use of digital tools called “SaaS” could well meet these two challenges: Innovation and Inclusion.

What is SaaS?

Today, there are a considerable number of online tools, called SaaS “Software as a service”, widely used in the world of start-ups. These tools are, paid for, free or almost. They help create digital products or to digitize part of its processes, in a very intuitive way. We are now talking about the era of “Xaas”, considering that all technologies in the Cloud can potentially become an “online service”.

To develop, innovative start-ups use other start-ups that allow them to increase their productivity and increase their skills quickly and inexpensively… and regardless of the type of task to be digitized.

Organizations are relatively reluctant to use external solutions that do not yet have a reputation, and yet they are the ones that allow thousands of small structures to move forward quickly and innovate. It is therefore now possible to digitize part of the trades without increasing the technical debt of the company and without taking any risks. This approach has several advantages:

  • Enables innovation in internal processes
  • Allows you to test new ways of working more efficiently and profitably
  • Allows not to increase the technical debt of the company
  • Involves teams in the use and discovery of new software and makes digitalization less distant from their daily lives
  • Finally, it initiates a Test and Learn approach, which means testing new products or new services before implementing them internally.

Here is a small list of essential tools, and within everyone’s reach, to quickly and simply digitize a large part of the tasks, or create new products in “MVP” (Minimum Viable Product) mode and thus test before deploying…

Best SaaS Digital Products/Apps

1. WIX

Ideal for creating sites or blogs very quickly. The modules available make it possible to align with current standards: landing pages, newsletter subscriptions, tags, CRM management, and more.

2. Good Barber

Do you want to test an App before validating your project? Good Barber is the perfect tool for testing in ultra-agile mode. According to the site, “you can create a native app easily in 7 steps, and submit it to the Stores (Android and iOS) without being a developer.”

You can Insert your content, customize your design and benefit from more than 350 native features. It couldn’t be simpler.

3. Unbounce

Unbounce is the idea box for landing pages and the whole machine to be put in place to optimize lead generation (recovery of qualified emails).

4. Beepro

With Beepro, you can create HTML email templates in minutes. With this tool, you’ll have no more back and forth with integrators and web designers. You’ll have control over everything, with a simple export that is accepted by routers.

Best Marketing/Communication/Press Relations Tools

5. Canva

Canva is the magic tool that allows you to create everything without a graphic designer. It’s beautiful, it’s simple and effective and everyone uses it now. From the Instagram post to the Powerpoint presentation via Mindmapping… (almost) everything is there.

6. Pixabay, Unsplash, Pexel

These are free royalty-free image banks to illustrate all your communication content.

7. Blabber

Babbler is an ideal tool for B to C press relations. Everything is automated, simple, and fast.

8. AlgoLinked

The best for B to B press relations. You write your Press Release on the interface and then select the keywords corresponding to the subjects covered. Then choose the type of media. Subsequently, the interface offers the list of all the journalists contacted to send reminders via the platform.

Best SEO/Growth Hacking Tools

9. Hubspot

Both CRM and Marketing Automation tools, Hubspot is the #1 tool used by start-up founders to automate as many tasks as possible. Connected to your mailbox, Hubspot retrieves your contacts, qualifies leads, records interactions, retrieves email opening times to better understand sales reminders.

The tool makes it possible to create ultra-efficient automation workflows which therefore make it possible to automate commercial reminders, in particular for online subscription software (Saas for example).

10. Alfred

Powerful tool to develop your popularity on Instagram, with real followers, real interactions, and therefore a real increase in power. It’s ideal for some sort of legit growth hacking.

Best Administrative Apps

11. DocuSign

Designed for contracts, you no longer have to print the documents, sign them, scan them, and send them back. Docusign manages everything online and helps to optimize and shorten the customer journey and avoid cancellations.

12. Zapier

Zapier helps connect 1000 applications to automate tasks. New generation Excel macros, and transversal to all software and apps. You can master it quickly and see your productivity increase!


The list is far from exhaustive but allows you to begin to discover the incredible potential that is within everyone’s reach. The SaaS tools mentioned allows access to digital, innovation, and even artificial intelligence and machine learning without knowing how to code or develop.

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