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Wallpapers by Google Review

Google Wallpapers is the official application made by Google to customize your device by choosing from different images from the collection of Google Earth, Google+ and other partners.

Without warning, Google has published an application on the Play Store with an explicit name: Wallpapers . This allows you to find the images used by the giant on its Pixels – as well as other shots just as suitable for your lock screen or your home screen.

The Wallpapers application has been available on the Play Store since 2016 and can be installed on any device with at least version 4.1 (Jelly Bean) of Android.

The Internet giant also offers an alternative solution: automatic change at the start of each day. All you have to do to benefit from it is to indicate a preferred category (urban landscapes, natural landscapes, textures, etc.).

Notable detail, Wallpapers allows you to select two separate images for the lock screen and for the home screen, but only allows this functionality from version 7.0 of Android (Nougat).

In Wallpapers by Google, you can set the desired screensaver for the lock screen and another wallpaper for the main background.

It has an average rating of 4.2 out of 5 and has so far seen over half a billion downloads.

1. Includes a lot of wallpapers about nature
2. Designed by Google
3. A lot of updates have been released with bugs fixed

1. Some features are not available on some Android versions
2. No animated wallpapers

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