Working Cashless in the Healthcare Industry

Working Cashless in the Healthcare Industry

Many care facilities still work with cash, which takes a long time to manage. In addition, it holds down staff in strenuous accounting tasks.

Management is often left with loose receipts, cash register discrepancies, and incomplete declarations. Not to mention the risks that cash entails.

However, with CASHLESS OPERATION, you can work faster and more securely. But what might that look like for you in the healthcare industry?

Residential groups with a payment card instead of a cash register

In psychiatric and youth welfare facilities, there are often multiple locations with a cash register and loose receipts in each group home.

The same applies to other inpatient care facilities such as nursing and care homes. The employees regularly make advance payments, for example for purchases in supermarkets. Expense management becomes a cumbersome, expensive, and difficult to control process.

A payment card for ambulatory companions

A cup of coffee, an activity, a birthday card, a roll of tape, or a bouquet of flowers — even within primary care, things are sometimes laid out.

Aside from the fact that it’s annoying for home caregivers to use their personal accounts for work, they have to struggle with filling their declarations after depositing small amounts.

Issuance of prepaid payment cards

The solution for residential groups and outpatient caregivers is a prepaid payment card. A prepaid payment card works like a regular bank card, apart from the fact that you issue these cards yourself.

You transfer a certain amount to the payment card and give it to the employee. This payment card is not personalized, which means it can be used by multiple employees. Employees will feel much safer because they no longer need to go out on the street with cash.

Limit per payment card

You can easily organize better cash management with SimpledCard or Spenmo The payment systems give you the freedom to manage spending limits for multiple payment cards online.

In practice, the amount spent per month can vary. Therefore, an amount can be automatically added to the balance on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

The balance can also be topped up to a certain amount, which means that the card cannot be “saved”. If companions spend less in a month, the limit can also be lowered.

In an emergency, an additional amount can also be transferred directly to the payment card. As an organization, you are in control of how much is spent per period.

Contactless payment

The prepaid payment cards also enable contactless payments. In this case, no PIN code needs to be entered. If the payment terminal is suitable for this, contactless payments can also be made with the SimpledCard card. The limit for these payments is automatically set to around €25. If the amount to be paid is higher, you will again be asked for a PIN code. The PIN code can always be retrieved in the mobile app.

Mobile document entry

When a purchase is made, a photo of the payment receipt can be linked to the transaction online. All transactions can be viewed digitally, allowing the administration to process expenses much faster. After checking the expenses, the data can easily be imported into accounting.

Cashless working in healthcare greatly simplifies day-to-day expenses for both the nursing staff and the finance team. This ensures that the employees can use their valuable time for the actual care.

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