Can You Use a Phone in a Sauna? Will It Get Damaged?

Can You Use a iPhone in a Sauna?

iPhones and similar devices are prohibited in most public saunas, but you shouldn’t use them if you’re lucky enough to have a sauna facility all to yourself. The reason is not apparent to many.

If you can’t resist taking a while without reading your WhatsApp messages, your emails, or seeing what’s happening on your social networks, you should know that neither the high temperatures that occur inside a sauna nor the high humidity are not the best for any electronic device.

In this article, we will explain to you with arguments why you should not use your mobile in the sauna and why Apple frowns at it.

Can you take your iPhone into a sauna?

The answer is clear… no! You should not take an iPhone or any mobile phone to the sauna as the extreme temperatures and humidity can damage your phone’s internal components.

I once had my iPhone in a sauna when I wanted some soothing music while relaxing. But this pleasure didn’t last a couple of minutes. The phone simply shut down and said, “temp too high.”

And having heard about the experiences of other iPhone users, perhaps those who use older versions that were not really water-resistant, I found out I was lucky and could have said goodbye to my phone. Many users have taken the phone to the Apple store due to the resulting damage for a warranty benefit and were met with cold rejection. They had their warranty voided as it doesn’t cover such cases of use in a sauna. Apple rightly considers it a misuse of the device.

Smartphones are designed to work in a temperature range of 32 to 95 degrees Fahrenheit; therefore, exposing them to higher temperatures, or much lower ones, can cause the phone not to work as it should even days after you have taken it to the sauna. The battery is damaged or has directly gotten a “cardiac arrest” in the installation itself.

Apple has humidity and temperature sensors in their terminals, and if they detect that the failure comes from an excess of them, say goodbye to your guarantee and goodbye money.

Even IP68-rated phones (devices that are theoretically protected against liquids falling on them or water entering the terminal) are not designed to operate in temperatures above 35 degrees.

Why you cannot use your iPhone in the sauna

The first and most obvious reason not to use your smartphone in a public sauna is that other users may feel that their privacy has been invaded. Who tells them you’re not taking pictures? You have every right to complain to the facility manager if you are using a sauna and you detect that someone has “sneaked” in a phone, something that can happen because there are always those who refuse to follow the rules.

However, beyond this apparent reason, the reality is that electronic devices and saunas do not get along at all for this series of reasons:

The heat of the sauna can damage the iPhone

If you didn’t already know, applying heat to your iPhone or using it in a high-heat environment is asking for your device to be destroyed. Sure, your smartphones, laptops, tablets, and computers can take some heat. But once you start to get close to and exceed triple digits, your device’s life is increasingly in jeopardy when the temperature rises. Heat and electronics don’t like to mix.

The inside of your phone is packed with tiny components, from metal to soft rubber to cement compounds. Each of those components is in danger of melting in most, if not all, of the saunas you enter. Saunas can reach over 158 degrees Fahrenheit, many even get up to 212 degrees Fahrenheit. That’s within range for the components to start melting. And let’s not forget that your SIM card, one of the essential parts of your phone, is in danger of being damaged, leaving you with a phone that cannot make calls.

Humidity is not suitable for your mobile

In a sauna, not only are there high temperatures but there is also a lot of humidity, which can damage your device. If moisture gets inside the cell phone, the device will be irreparably damaged.

For a complete sauna experience, many people add water to the hot stones, which increases the relative humidity of the air and, by extension, multiplies the chances of damaging your phone. In addition, essential oils and salts can be added along with the water, further damaging the device.

So many droplets of water moving through the air can enter your smartphone with ease. There they sit on the components and ruin the phone.

In this case, together with having left the mobile exposed to a temperature above 100 degrees, they make the guarantee void. Many manufacturers have installed a humidity sensor in their terminals that reveals incorrect handling.

The mobile warranty does not cover misuse

Speaking of heat, did you know that your phone may not be covered under warranty, should it be damaged by taking it to a sauna? Oh yeah. Apple, specifically, has a sensor inside its phones that monitors the temperatures that the iOS device experiences. If the temperatures reach a certain point and your phone gets damaged, your iOS device is NOT covered.

What does your iPhone cost in the market? It probably won’t go below $600, and if you’re a big fan of Apple, it could exceed $1,000. So, if your little pocket computer breaks down because you can’t resist living without it for a while and enjoying relaxation, you will have thrown away all that money. The warranty will not repair damage caused by misuse of the terminal.

. Most people who go to saunas are there to relax. If you insist on having a conversation out loud on your phone, you are interrupting everyone who paid money to use the sauna. It is a time of relaxation for most, and a phone will only cause stress to those around you.


Even if your iPhone is protected from water, the heat in a sauna, sometimes exceeding 200 degrees Fahrenheit, is not ideal for your device.

This heat, which is bearable for the body and is also beneficial for eliminating toxins from the body, reducing stress, or reducing muscle pain, is not suitable for technological devices. The manufacturing brands already specify it. If the mobile gets too hot, they do not guarantee that it will work properly.

These high temperatures are pure poison for sensitive technology. You may not notice anything in the sauna, but, most likely, something will go wrong afterwards; most likely, the battery will not withstand these temperatures. And you can’t bring it in for repair under warranty. Apple won’t honor such a warranty as you lost it all in the sauna!

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