The Best Ear-Hook Headphones in 2022

The Best Ear-Hook Headphones in 2022

Earhook headphones are particularly popular for sports. If you do a lot of physical activity with your headphones on, then you already know how important it is that they stay in place.

It can get very frustrating when they constantly leave your ears. Even if they don’t fall out, in-ear or in-ear headphones change the sound by moving inside the ear canal.

On the other hand, those that consist of a rigid hook have much more stability while you move. This plastic or silicone appendage hooks around the back of the ear, making it practical for sports such as running, cycling, or other high-motion sports.

But hey, it doesn’t fit all of us fit perfectly, and many are simply uncomfortable. However, we at Techloging have made a list of what we think are the best ear hook headphones. These have the best reviews from their users.

Best Earhook Headphones

1. Beats PowerBeats Pro – Best Bass


  • Type: in-ear
  • Battery duration: 9h + 24h in the case
  • Noise Cancellation: Nope
  • Charging: less than 1 hour
  • Microphone and controls: yes, integrated
  • Waterproof: IPX4

Beats is well known for its powerful bass, and its PowerBeats Pro workout headphones are no slouch. Bass and treble are boosted to give your music more rhythm and increase your heart rate.

The fit to your ears is very stable for all kinds of exercises. The battery life is longer than most sports headphones, and to reduce charging time, it has a Lightning connector. Their construction materials are of good quality, and their IPX4 protection against sweating makes them an excellent option.

It has volume and track controls on both earphones, voice control functions, and an automatic play and pause function.

The Pro version may be pricey, but they come with the latest technology and an excellent in-ear fit.


  • Deep sound with strong bass that powers modern music.
  • Perfect stability even for sports.
  • Water-resistant but cannot be submerged.
  • Excellent battery life (9 hours per charge + 24 hours in the case).
  • Quality materials.


  • High price.
  • The charging case is a bit big.
  • They can be slightly uncomfortable after half an hour.
  • The middle sounds are not fully appreciated.

2. Plantronics BackBeat Fit 350 – Less than $50


  • Type: wireless in-ear
  • Battery duration: 6 hours
  • Noise Cancellation: Nope
  • Charge time: less than 2 hours – Micro USB
  • Microphone and controls: Yes
  • Waterproof: IPX5

These are headphones available for a good price which produces an excellent sound, slightly emphasized in the bass, perfect for sports.

The hooks have a very good fit and are made of soft silicone, perfect for the delicate skin of the ear. They hold up very well even with fast, sharp movements.

They come with a clip that can be secured on the shirt, both to prevent drops and to keep the cable from moving around too much.

Designed to be ultralight, you can wear them for hours, and they’re still perfectly comfortable.

They have pads designed explicitly by the brand that provides greater comfort. They also contribute to good insulation from outside noise.

They last up to 6 hours, allowing you a good day at the gym or a whole morning on the bike without stopping.


  • Strong bass sound.
  • Perfect fit for any sport.
  • IPX5 waterproof but cannot be submerged.
  • Very comfortable.
  • Good noise isolation.


  • Noise of the cable rubbing against clothing/skin.
  • Occasional interruptions in the signal.

3. AfterShokz Aeropex – Best grip


  • Type: bone conduction
  • Battery duration: 8 hours
  • Noise Cancellation: Nope
  • Charging: less than 2 hours – Cable of own manufacture
  • Microphone and controls: yes, integrated
  • Waterproof: IP67

Bone conduction is relatively new and a good option. Not covering your ears makes you perfectly aware of your surroundings while listening to music.

The Aeropex are the best bone conduction headphones out there right now. Thanks to being able to hear the ambient sound, they are perfect for running or riding a bike without being in danger.

Compared to the previous model, they have a significant improvement in the quality of the bass, but it is still far from the quality that standard headphone models can offer.

It has several sound presets that you can modify in the controls.

They fit very well in the ear with their high-quality rubber hook. They are designed to offer a lot of stability for users with a fully active lifestyle.

They offer high resistance to dust and water and can even be submerged.


  • Awareness of the environment at all times.
  • Super light (26gr in total).
  • Perfect fit for any sport.
  • Dust and water-resistant (IP67).
  • Good battery life (8 hours).
  • Improved bass sound compared to previous models.


  • The vibrations of the transducers can be annoying.
  • The sound quality is inferior to common headphones.
  • It lacks strength in bass.

4. Anker Soundcore Spirit X2 – Budget Option


  • Type: Wireless in-ear
  • Battery duration: 9h, 36h in the case
  • Noise Cancellation: Nope
  • Charging: fast charge – Micro USB
  • Microphone and controls: Yes
  • Waterproof: IP68

The frequency response is far from audiophile level, but they are still pleasant to listen to during workouts. With the BassTurbo, you certainly gain a lot in bass intensity.

The fit to the ear is comfortable and it comes with a variety of pads and fins to ensure the most optimal fit.

With an IP68 level of resistance to water and dust, you can abuse them as you want; these withstand everything, even submerging them one meter under water.

The battery life is striking compared to other similar models. With 9 hours, you will have plenty of training time unless you are preparing to be an astronaut.

Special mention also for the microphone, which has excellent quality if your case is to answer many phone calls.


  • Good insulation from outside noise.
  • Perfect fit, with hook and fins.
  • Very high resistance to water (IP68).
  • Very good battery life (9 hours).
  • Bass-emphasized sound.


  • It has more weight than other models (68gr).
  • It has some limitations in volume.

5. Axloie S6


  • Type: Wireless in-ear
  • Battery duration: 8h, 32h in the case
  • Noise Cancellation: Nope
  • Charge: fast charge – Micro USB
  • Microphone and controls: Yes
  • Waterproof: IP68

They may seem a little big when you start wearing them, but their low weight and good fit make you quickly get used to them and forget about their size.

They come equipped with a high level of water and dust resistance (IP68), making them perfect for outdoor use without worrying about rain or running on dirt and dusty trails.

It has sensors to measure heart rate, a plus compared to other models, which means you can keep track of your pace and calories burned in its app.

Its four built-in microphones ensure excellent sound quality on calls. A plus if you receive calls frequently.


  • Good insulation from outside noise.
  • Perfect fit, with silicone pads.
  • Very high resistance to water (IP68).
  • Good battery life (8 hours).


  • It comes equipped with heart rate sensors.
  • It has some limitations in volume.

Some features to consider


This should be your priority if you are looking for headphones to use while doing sports.

Although hooks are more popular, there is also another method to try for stability, fins. These adapt to the internal shape of your ear instead of surrounding the outside, as hooks do.


This should be a must on all headphones. However, it’s easy to go wrong with a hook design. There are examples of headphones with excellent quality and good grip capacity, but they are not comfortable.

The problem is the friction between the hook and the sensitive skin of the ear, which ends up irritating with use, and can even be painful and make it impossible to continue using them.

The material with which the hook is made is usually plastic or silicone, with a rigid or semi-rigid part that “hugs” the ear. Those with padded designs contribute to greater comfort without a doubt.


Of course, sound quality should not be neglected, even if the priority you are looking for is another. They are of little use if they stay in place, but you can’t stand the poor sound quality they have.

Just don’t forget to pay attention to sound fidelity at the time of purchase. The volume is also essential, and a good quality driver that is easy to use will do you no harm.

Wired or wireless?

If you are looking for wireless you will have to pay attention to its Bluetooth version. It won’t be a problem though, as most modern sports headphones already have this capability.

Wireless ones offer much more freedom and eliminate the discomfort that cables sometimes cause with certain movements during exercise.

But it depends on how you will use them, since if the cables do not bother you, they will be a cheaper and more practical option (without battery charge).

Activities such as cycling or static gym machines that do not involve exaggerated movements lend themselves perfectly to the use of wired headphones.

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