Best Free Photoshop Alternatives To Remove Background From An Image

Best Free Photoshop Alternatives To Remove Background From An Image

Do you want to remove the background from your photos easily? In this article, Techloging will show you two of the best free tools to remove the background of an image in a few clicks.

They are worthy alternatives to Photoshop. These are automatic background remover tools and you can actually do the clippings manually.

1. Best professional quality tool to remove the background from an image

The first tool we have to mention is Among all the range of free online tools you can find online, it is surely the one that offers the result closest to professional software.

The precision remains lower than manual clipping in Photoshop, but it remains breathtaking, and the time saved is considerable.

Just import an image and click on “background removed” to see the result. Generally, the deleted area is the right one, but if it doesn’t suit you, you can touch up with a brush, to restore or erase.

On this point, still has some progress to make, to make this functionality more precise and intuitive.

Another small advantage in favor of is that it is possible to integrate it with your favorite work software!

Indeed, the developers of have concocted a whole series of plugins to remove photo backgrounds wherever you are. These plugins include Photoshop, Figma (the one Photoshop just acquired), Gimp, Shopify, LinkedIn, Gmail, Google Drive, Airtable, and more. They have also created an application for Android and desktop software for Windows, Mac and Linux.

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2. Pixlr: Best for erasing the background of an image in one click

The second tool that we can present is quite famous since it is a free and online alternative to Photoshop. Indeed, Pixlr is an excellent photo editing and design tool, to be used directly from your web browser.

In addition to this, Pixlr offers us on their site a tool to remove the background from our images in one click. The operation is also relatively simple. You add an image and Pixlr takes care of the rest thanks to artificial intelligence.

If the result does not suit you as such, you can edit it by refining it. You will have access to several tools to modify the result, an advantage over that we saw just before. On Pixlr, you will be able to choose to restore or remove parts of the image with a brush, a magic wand, shapes or a lasso tool.

You can also customize these tools to get the best possible result. For example, for the brush, you will be able to modify its size and its hardness. Of course a premium version is available for premium users.

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3. Slazzer: One of the best AI-assisted background remover

Slazzer can be an interesting alternative to Adobe, BG Remover, and Pixlr tools. The operation is substantially similar to other tools of the same kind. You import an image by clicking on Upload, and you let the tool do the rest of the work.

Again, if the clipping does not convince you, you can edit the rendering. On the free version of Slazzer, you will only be able to edit the “preview” version of the image, which has a lower quality than the original.

Either way, you can use the brush to put or remove parts of the image as you see fit. You’ll also have the option to add custom backgrounds with their image library, a blur, or just a background color.

Slazzer’s free plan lets you enjoy unlimited preview images. The quality isn’t the best, but it’s free. Then, you can buy credits to enjoy the full features, either individually or as a monthly subscription (cheaper).

Like what does, Slazzer offers many plugins to improve your experience and make your life even easier. You can connect this tool with WooCommerce, Sketch, or Photoshop. There is also an Android app and software for Windows, Mac, and Linux. You can also use their API to use Slazzer as you wish.

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4. PhotoScissors: Another free tool to remove the background from an image online

As its name suggests, PhotoScissors allows you to cut photos to keep only the essentials. The use cases for this tool are varied. For example, you can use it to cut out an image of a product before adding it to your site, remove the background behind your hair, and even remove the background behind a transparent object, for example.

It works just like other tools like it. It supports JPG, PNG, and WebP, up to 10MB and 4.2MP resolution.

On the other hand, there is one point where PhotoScissors stands out: their editing tool. Once you let the AI work, it offers you the first render that you can edit in the editing interface. It has some very interesting features. For example, the brush that allows you to add or remove areas of the image is “guided” when it detects an edge, a boundary, or other. This gives you the ability to make much cleaner edits than freehand. You can also manage shadows or the blurring of borders.

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Would you like to edit your image to remove the background without using paid software like Photoshop? If you’re looking for a free background remover solution that doesn’t let you dip your hands in your pockets, I hope you now have them. The best Photoshop alternatives introduced to you are some of the best free tools powered by artificial intelligence that will allow you to remove the background from any image.

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