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How to Trim a Video on Android

You have just recorded a video with your Android smartphone and noticed some “filming” errors that do not allow you to share it on social networks. Being away from home, you do not have the opportunity to turn to the software you often use to edit the videos on your computer. Looking for a solution to use from your phone, you have not found anything useful.

You would need an app that, in a few steps, allows you to edit the video easily and then post it on Facebook, Instagram, and other online platforms. Don’t worry, because you’ve come to the right place, at the right time! With this guide, I intend to show you how to cut a video on Android with some tools that allow an almost instantaneous editing of the videos.

Best Apps for Trimming a Video on Android

Google Photos

The first app to trim a video on Android that I suggest you use is Google Photos. It acts as a default gallery for photos and videos on many devices. It can be installed from the Play Store, has editing tools, and thanks to its free and automatic backup function, it can keep copies of multimedia files on Google Drive without the risk of losing them.

To use Google Photos, start the app, grant it permissions to access the media gallery of the device (if necessary) and select the video to be trimmed from the Photos section (you can also perform a direct search by accessing the Search section from the menu at the bottom of the screen ) in such a way as to open it.

When the video starts playing, tap on the player to pause and make the buttons and toolbars appear. Then press the Edit button at the bottom, select the Crop menu (which you always find at the bottom), tap on the icon with the rectangle with the corners highlighted, and choose how to crop the frame of the movie among the options in the proposed menu.

If, on the other hand, what you want to do is trim scenes, proceed as follows:

  • Select the Video menu at the bottom of the screen
  • Move the sliders left and right on the timeline to define the portion of video to keep.

In all cases, once the changes are complete, tap on the Save copy button at the bottom right, and it’s done. A cropped copy of the source video will then be created and saved in the device gallery.


Another great application to trim a video on Android is inShot. It is a popular video editing tool that also integrates functions for trimming movies. It’s free but displays banner ads and watermarks items to export. To eliminate these limitations and unlock extra functions, you can subscribe to a subscription with prices starting from 3.09 euros/month.

After downloading the app, start it, tap the button to accept the terms of use, then press the Video button and grant the necessary permissions to access the gallery (if required).

Now select the video in relation to which you want to act, press the button with the green check located at the bottom right and, when the inShot editor is shown to you, if you want to crop the video frame, select the Crop item from the menu at the bottom, then the preset you prefer or adjust everything manually and save the changes by pressing the check symbol located on the right.

If, on the other hand, you want to cut scenes from the video, select the Pre-cut tool from the menu at the bottom, move the sliders left and right on the timeline to define the portion of the video to keep, and always tap the check symbol to save the changes.

When finished, touch the word Save located at the top right, and through the menus you see appear, define the resolution, the frame rate, and the format, then press the Save button again to generate the output video that will be saved in the gallery of the device.


I suggest you pay attention to VidTrim as well. This application is available for free and not only allows you to cut movies but also to join them, save them in MP3, etc. Note that it applies a watermark to the videos that can be removed by switching to the paid version. It also offers the possibility to set special effects to the videos, perform conversion operations, etc.

To use VidTrim, download and install the app from the relevant section of the Play Store (or from alternative stores ) following the usual procedure, start it, grant it the required permissions to access the files (if necessary), and select the movie on which you want to intervene.

Now, tap the Cut button and move the side levers of the bottom bar to set the start and end points of the video. Then press the icon with a scissor symbol at the top right, and select the item Save as a new clip if you want to keep a copy of the original file, or the original Cut if you’re going to overwrite the original video.

When the export operation is complete, press the Play button to view the result of your edit. The file will be saved in the memory of your device.


Another popular video editing app on Android is VideoShow. It is a fairly complete and effective movie editor, as well as easy to use. It’s free, but it applies a watermark to movies that can be removed by watching an advertisement. It should be noted that it also offers the subscription of a subscription through in-app purchases (with prices starting from $5.99 / month) that allow you to unlock all the functions.

To use VideoShow, download and install the app from the relevant section of the Play Store (or from alternative stores ), start it, accept the conditions of use and select the Cut button from the Tools section to adjust the shot of the movie, then grant permissions for file access (if needed).

Next, select the movie you want to act on and choose one of the cropping presets available below, or adjust the selection rectangle manually, then press the OK button and the Export button and decide whether to save the video in the gallery or whether to share it through one of the other proposed apps.

If, on the other hand, you want to remove a part of the movie from playback, choose the Trim tool from the main VideoShow screen, tap the Trim option , select the video to work on, decide what to do with the selected portion, how to proceed with the export and click OK.

After completing the above steps, drag the sliders left and right on the bottom timeline to define the crop and press the tick symbol at the top right. Once the changes are complete, the saving will take place automatically.

Other solutions to trim a video on Android


Are you looking for other solutions through which you can cut a video on Android? If so, consider using the apps listed below. They are all very good.

  • YouCut – it is a no-cost video editor that integrates various useful tools to intervene on movies, even going to cut them. It is free but offers in-app purchases to eliminate advertising and unlock additional functions.
  • KineMaster – is one of the most complete and versatile apps around with regard to the ability to edit videos. The videos, therefore, can not only be cut but also enriched with music, subtitles, etc. It also allows you to create montages with photos and movies from pre-set templates. It’s free, but it applies a removable watermark to the videos through in-app purchases that allow you to unlock more features.

How to trim a video on Android online

If you don’t want to install new apps on your smartphone or tablet or you can’t, consider contacting special online services for video editing. You can use them to cut movies directly from the browser you generally use on Android to browse online (e.g., Chrome ). If you are interested, then below you will find those that I believe are some of the best solutions in the category.

  • Clideo – is a popular online tool specifically for cutting videos. It supports all popular formats and allows you to act on files with a maximum size of 500 MB. It’s free, but by activating the paid subscription (for $ 9 / month), you can remove the watermark applied to the output videos, and you can unlock more features.
  • Kapwing – it is an excellent video editor that can be used via the Web and includes all sorts of tools to make changes to videos, so you can also cut them, of course. It supports the most popular formats and allows you to upload files with a maximum weight of 25 MB. It’s free but watermarks the output files that can be removed for a fee (prices start at $ 16 / month).
  • 123apps Online Video Cutter – is a popular web service that allows you to cut all popular video file formats. There is no need to register, and you can upload files with a maximum size of 500 MB.

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