Will ChatGPT Replace Human Writers? Here’s What I Found

I had a full day testing out Open AI’s ChatGPT chatbot. And here’s how it typically works, as you can see from the screen-grabbed video.

So, will AI innovations like this replace human writers?

The answer is a big NO! And here’s what I found and think:

1. ChatGPT Curates Content From Existing Works Found Online

With AI content generators, you’re not generating 100% unique content.

Moreso, think about it; let’s assume human writers stop writing for a year. Logically, that means AI content will no longer be up to date. Remember, AI technology ultimately relies on human-curated content.

2. Problems With Inaccuracies
Again, ChatGPT generates content from existing ones on the internet. While doing this, it aims to make the new content unique. This sometimes means working around wordings, numbers, and sentences.

And you can guess it. Some facts are obviously going to get remodified along the line.

During my observation, there were some numbers and facts I tried to fact-check online but found they were distorted. If you’re not careful, AI writers can get you in soup.

3. Don’t Expect Humanized Contents
This tool doesn’t humanize your content. It just writes like a robot. You still have to humanize your content manually.

In addition, some styles of writing, like the informal, friendly, or conversational, might not work here.

3. AI Content Are Not 100% Unique
I ran a page of ChatGPT-generated BBQ recipe content on Copyscape premium. And guess what? A couple of sentences were flagged.

This was where I found that the whole content for the recipe was pulled from a single source. In the content writing world, this is spinning, and we call it disguised plagiarism. I’ve not seen a client that welcomes this.

4. AI Content Generators Still Need Good Writers and Editors
To produce quality content that fits the style, tone, and requirements of your audience, AI-generated contents need experienced writers and editors.

Sending content from the mouth of the bot to your WordPress dashboard is a recipe for disaster.

The content requires fact-checking, restyling, structuring, and editing to fit your client’s brief and in-house styles.

While I’m not trying to pick apart the innovation completely, the message is human writers will not be replaced (at least for now). Human writers are still much essential for those who value fresh, unique, personalized content that empathizes and that the reader can identify with.

Need a professional human writer or an AI content editor? Send in a message!

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