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What’s the Best Cryptocurrency to Invest on in 2023?

The cryptocurrency market is finally heading for a bull run into 2023, making up for the terrible end of 2022. The growth of more than 35% in the Q1 of 2023 does not appear to be relenting. And many have observed that the slowdown in inflation rates has enormously benefited the market. The possibility that these will be reduced has given investors the impetus to believe again in new investments and of course new cryptocurrencies and the consolidated ones.

But which project should you invest in? Here are three pre-sales and four consolidated cryptocurrencies to invest on in 2023.

7 cryptocurrencies to invest in 2023

Best cryptocurrencies to invest in
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Fight Out – Best cryptocurrency in the Move-to-Earn sector

One of the sections of the cryptocurrency market in which it is worth investing in is in move to earn: even if industry leaders such as StepN have focused only on the aspect of fitness, Fight Out aims to change everything.

The project has created an app to monitor the health of its users. Through this information, personalized workouts are designed, which can be performed at home or in one of the physical gyms in the Fight Out network.

Additionally, Fight Out will reward its users with REP, its native token, for completing workouts. This can be used in several ways, for example, to shop from their online store or even to hire a personal trainer. Fight Out is currently having a very successful pre-sale. Over $6 million has already been raised but the presale is ending soon.

C+Charge – the most successful green cryptocurrency of 2023

Green-friendly cryptocurrencies will be more prevalent in 2023, given their explosion in popularity in 2022. The cryptocurrency market is recovering, and investors prioritize projects with the greenest policies. C+Charge is one of those that experts believe has the greatest potential.

The project plans to reward electric vehicle (EV) drivers for helping to save the environment through the carbon credits they earn every time they charge their vehicles. These credits, loaded when drivers use the peer-to-peer payment system to pay, come as NFTs. C+Charge will also make life more convenient for drivers with its app. This can provide real-time information on all nearby charging stations.

RobotEra – A Play-to-earn metaverse game with lots of opportunities to earn

RobotEra is an exciting metaverse game set to be one of the most successful in 2023. This play-to-earn game revolves around the planet Taro which has been destroyed and needs to be rebuilt by the players. Users create their own NFT robots, which move and interact like humans.

There are infinite possibilities to act on one’s own land, the decision of which is totally personal. Users can spend and earn TARO (the native token) within the game. They can use it for experiences of various kinds, such as going to the cinema, cultivating the land, building a shopping mall, and so on.

Tamadoge – With the launch of its second arcade game, it is destined to grow

Tamadoge had a very successful presale, reaching the milestone of over $20 million. For this reason, it was considered the meme coin of the moment. And the successful launch of NFTs last October confirmed this trend.

The market crashed in November, but now, with its recovery, Tamadoge seems to be ready to regain the lost positions. The ecosystem just launched its new arcade game, Rocket Doge, which has garnered much interest from TAMA owners.

Bitcoin – The best asset of 2023

Bitcoin, the largest-cap cryptocurrency, usually reflects the state of the market. So if it goes well, the rest of the market is likely to do the same.

In 2023, Bitcoin went from $16,500 to around $25,000: one of the year’s best performances, according to Goldman Sachs.

Avalanche – Its price increased by 100% in January

Avalanche is one of the best cryptocurrencies currently riding the bull run that characterizes the market right now. Consistently in the top 20 cryptocurrencies by market capitalization, AVAX is delivering record-breaking performance this year. It had started 2023 at 10.9 dollars, while today, the value is close to 16.75 dollars according to Coinbase.

Baby DogeCoin – In 2023 it could surpass DOGE

Baby Doge had good premises to overtake Dogecoin in the meme coin sector. But, despite a good start in 2021, 2022 was not as generous. As happened for many other coins, the value decreased but remained above the starting point.

Baby Doge, on the other hand, had a great start this year, managing to triple its value. Also, considering its deflationary nature, it looks like an excellent cryptocurrency to invest in.


The bull run looks set to continue throughout the year. Any coin we’ve discussed could be a good buy option, especially the pre-sales, which could bring the biggest profits to investors. So, these are the best cryptocurrencies to invest in in 2023.

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