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  • 21 October

    How to Choose the Best Mobile Controller

    There are manufacturers like MSI that offer both wireless and wired versions of a particular version. This is great for bargain hunters. Those who are satisfied with the wired Force GC20 V2 pay more. Meanwhile, those who want the wireless model can choose the Force GC30V2 at half the price …

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  • 20 October

    Learning SQL as a Beginner in 2022 (Tutorials and Exercises)

    SQL, pronounced “sequel” (or SQL), is the standard tool for every data scientist and programmer who has to juggle data on a daily basis. It could be said that SQL is one of the most important programming languages nowadays if you are aiming for a job as a data scientist …

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  • 7 October

    Woman Alleges Amazon’s #1 Mattress Contains Fiberglass and Injures Her Daughters

    A Sacramento, California woman is pursuing a class action lawsuit against Zinus Inc., the maker of the popular “Environmentally friendly Tea Mattress,” which she says caused her family five serious health issues and resulted in $20,000 in damages and interests. The proposed class action lawsuit represents 2,000 people across the …

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  • 5 October

    Razer Raiju Mobile Controller Review

    Now it’s over with the envious glances at Xbox owners who were able to connect high-end hardware to their console with the elite controller. The Californian high-end manufacturer Razer now has a licensed PS4 controller for the demanding gamer in its range. Razer is a brand that you no longer …

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