Techloging is a web-media publication for all those passionate about technology. Here, we passionately talk about current technology, as well as analyze in-depth the main launches and comparing them with other similar models.

Techloging features contents in the niches of cryptocurrency, business, security, science, health, and more, as they relate to tech.

Launched in November 2020, Techloging has become the leading publication in technology, creating a community of highly informed, influential, and highly participative users. Techloging is a passion for a future that has already come true.


Passionate about technology and communication with more than eight years of experience in the technology journalism sector, Timothy Odutolu is also a generalist with interests in consumer electronics, reviews, and other services. Since 2020, he has been the editor and director of Techloging, the leading technology publication that is based online.

He worked as a journalist for the New Telegraph and has a book on Amazon Kindle

Timothy Odutolu

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